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Friday, November 19, 2010

ESU 4 Special Education - November 22, 2010

Monday Memo
November 22, 2010
Happy Thanksgiving! May your turkey be perfect!
For you shoppers... Enjoy Black Friday!!

It seems so simple appreciating life for what it is -- pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow. For the moment, for today at least, I have learned to be content." -- Gloria Gaither



It's Go Solutions Time!!! I'd like to finalize all time sheets by Monday, November 22nd. Thanks!  

Self Evaluations/Goals-action plans/Individual Development Plans... I am still missing self-evaluations and goals/development plans from Kathy N. 

LESSON REFLECTIONS were due LAST WEEK!!!... As part of our new evaluation process, I indicated that I'd be asking each of the certificated staff to complete a "Lesson Reflection" each semester. I think it's a good time to start thinking about this... I'd like you to complete a "Lesson Reflection" worksheet on a lesson, unit, or activity that you taught to a student or group of students. The worksheet is behind the "Lesson Reflection" tab and is page 84. You may want to make a copy of page 84 so you can repeat this activity next semester. You choose the lesson, unit or activity. Please include a description of the lesson, unit or activity upon which you are reflecting. I asked that this reflection be submitted to me by Friday, November 19th. I am missing many of these... Please get them in soon!!

Requests for Professional Development/Workshops...Send in a leave request WITH your original request to attend the training; sometimes we get your registration information but I really need that leave sheet. (This might help us in being more accurate and timely with leave forms as well.) Also, be wise in making your requests as I am being asked to pay close attention to the costs associated with professional development among ESU 4 staff. If I can use grant funds, I will and your requests will most likely be approved. If I cannot use grant funds, it might be iffy! 

According to the New York Times, there is no scientific research that proves that life is serious.
So... Lighten up!!! 
TIME SHEETS AND EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT... Remember that they are due shortly after 14th of each month! Some of you submit your time sheets and expense reimbursements electronically. We've been informed that we need to have you physically sign your time sheets and requests so you will NOT be able to submit them electronically. The best bet would be to submit them via the van mail... you can drop them off at any ESU 4 school! We begin to process these forms as soon as we get them together but we are having to create a deadline. If you don't get your time sheets and leave requests in by the 20th of each month, we won't be able to process your request and your reimbursement for mileage and expenses will be delayed by at least a month.

LEAVE FORMS... Please, please, please submit leave forms as soon as you know about your leave! We are having trouble with getting all the forms we need, when we need. Also, if you are submitting a leave form so that you may attend a meeting/workshop, please attach a copy of the workshop flyer with the leave request. That will allow us to make sure we've got you registered! I don't want to be repetitive here (but I will!), your leave requests really need to match your professional goals. If I don't have your goals, I can't okay leave requests! Turn them in by the 15th of each month!!

AdvancED...  We have the final report and we'll be talking with you about the External team's report at our December 10th Inservice. We have several commendations and a couple of recommendations from the QAR team that was here in September. We'll be working on ways to implement the recommendations of our team. It's nice to know that we are actually already implementing at least one of the recommendations! 

Now begins the challenge of maintaining that 'awesome-ness' and moving forward!
We'll be celebrating!

Speaking of AdvancED and our December Inservice... Plans for an Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest are underway. I'm just telling you so that you can start preparing... remember, there will be prizes!!! 

Tentative Agenda for 12/10/10...
 - 8:30 - Welcome and Review of AdvancED Report 
 - 9:15 - Communication... Creating Collaborative Relationships
 - 10:30 - Technology with Gregg
 - 11:30 - Update from our Hartford Agent!
 - 12:00 - LUNCH!
 - 12:45 - More with Technology
 - 2:45 - Announcing the winner of the Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest! 

GO Huskers!!!
Isn't it a great day to be a Husker fan????
The correct answer is... ALWAYS!!!
9-1... Pretty Darn Good!!!
And how 'bout that Volleyball team???

Never stop playing the game!
Educational Service Unit #4, Auburn, Nebraska

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